1. QDB(Quote Data Base)

    Submitted by FourAngryNerds

    We all have our favorite movies and tv shows. Suppose you watch Friends or Simpsons for half and hour, how many jokes do you think you can remember? In movies like Godfather and Pulp fiction almost every dialogue is an Epic. But we cannot keep track of all of them. This is the problem our app addresses.
    QDB(quote database) saves all your favorite movies and tv shows as preferences. It randomly throws a Quote, a trivia or a sound clip from your preferences.
    We had plans of making this a desktop widget, but due to time constraints, we have managed to do a YAP. Since there is no API to retrieve data directly from IMDB, we had to use rottentomatoes API n tweak it a little. Since QDB can store all your favorite stuff, we can send more targeted ads.

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