1. HackPower

    Submitted by Jaguar

    HackPower, is a quick real time solution to problem of active crowd sourcing of supply & demand to manage laptop power effectively in large group events like Yahoo Hack Day 2011. It requires installation of small WMI application on the individual laptop which monitors and feeds live laptop power status to centralized server at different thresholds(80/40/20 minutes). The location of the laptop is calculated using GPRS or on the installed wifi spots. The server provides good visual indicator to the event management to source power or power cords to laptop which are drying down or switch the power extension cords from laptops having sufficient power. In big events its always difficult to source electricity to an individual laptop, HackPower takes the first step managing it well. The entire system is live on the network hence provides real time data. The idea was planned to extend to other resources like bandwidth management.

    • Jaguar Members
    • Gururaj K
    • Shirish Goyal
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    • Finished