1. Twemote

    Submitted by HackerSquad

    'Twemote' is Twitter Remote. It provides a user who has access to only SMS, the power to control his computer and use it to access the Internet and forward the results to his/her mobile phone, on the fly! This is especially useful for people with mobile phones, but no support for GPRS and Internet, to
    * fetch information from his computer by browsing and viewing files and folders,
    * send emails to his friends and colleagues with attachments that are stored in his computer,
    * get directions from google maps,
    * obtain stock information,
    * check cricket scores, and much more.
    The user simply needs to send a Twitter Direct Message to his twitter account via mobile sms. A server running on his home computer will then fetch the tweet using YQL and perform the necessary actions and send the response via SMS back to the user. We've used APIs provided by Wordnik, Google Maps and Yahoo Finance. We used YQL for fetching Twitter direct messages and Scores. The rest of the server is coded in PHP and can be easily installed on any computer.

    • HackerSquad Members
    • Abhishek Shrivastava
    • Jithin K. Rajeev
    • Sumit Ranjan
    • Akash Chauhan
    • Status
    • Finished