1. MeetApp

    Submitted by Inglorious Hackers

    MeetApp allows a set users/friends to decide upon an optimum meeting place to hangout. This meeting place is determined based on the users involved in the meet and their choice of meeting place type.(like a cafe, theaters, restaurants etc) with in a particular radius.

    Carpooling app is developed to serve the purpose of car pooling. This is achieved by taking in the source and destination locations of the people who travel at more or less the same time. The carpooling problem is an NP Complete problem and we used a k-means clustering alogirthm which is a partitioning algorithm to cluster the people into groups. Spatial alarm is a method to get geo alerts depending on our current location. Spatial alarms are for space as temporal alarms for time. We have used the powerful YQL, MAPS API and k means clustering algorithm for the apps.

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