1. Flickr Tag Recommendations

    Submitted by Happy Feet

    We automatically build and recommend tags when a user is in the process of uploading photos to Flickr.

    For eg: When a user uploads a photo and tags it with "holi", we recommend
    the tags: "celebration", "color" "india".

    We find that the recommended tags generated, can also be used as query suggestions for Flickr search queries.

    How it is done:
    1. We take an input tag provided by the user
    and get all the other tags that co-occur with this tag.
    2. The most frequent co-occuring tags are then presented to the user in an intuitive manner to help her during the photo upload processs.

    • Happy Feet Members
    • Susheel Kiran Javadi
    • Santosh VKRN
    • Venkat Thippana Rao
    • Status
    • In progress