1. Spartans vs Persians

    Submitted by Sleepless Code Junkies

    This is a simple web based 2D multi-player game where a team of Spartans and Persians slug it out on a battle field in a team death-match. The total number of Persians out-number the Spartans by a large margin. Staying true to history however, the Spartans in this game are also extraordinarily brave and tough and are more than a match for the Persians.

    The game has been designed for arbitrary scaling by leveraging server side technologies such as node.js, socket.io and expressjs. The UI has been rendered using HTML5 canvas and powered by ECMAScript5 compliant JavaScript. It also takes advantage of capabilities provided by the gaming engine "easeljs". Using socket.io enables the app to benefit from the best possible high performance network I/O system available on a given computer and browser including WebSockets wherever supported.

    • Sleepless Code Junkies Members
    • Ganeshji Marwaha
    • Rajasekharan Vengalil
    • Status
    • Finished