1. Hazaroo Anna

    Submitted by Ethical Hackers

    Location based CORRUPTION reporting and view application.

    1.People pay bribe and nobody comes to know about this. Im speaking at the grass root level.
    2.People pay bribe to Babus just because they dont have something that is required.

    1.People who take bribe are made social and every body identify them as Mamu and makes them ashamed about that.
    2.When people need to go to a government office to get some tasks, they can see the bribe reports in the map (reported by people)
    and we they can see the reason why they paid bribe. This can help them in not to pay bribe in 2 ways.
    *)Not going to the most bribed person in the location . Try out with some one else.
    *)Prepare yourself with the right things so that they dont ask you a bribe. Example, say if some one had reported that they had
    paid bribe for an RTO for not having right docs. You go the right ones. May be will help.

    HazarooAnna- A location based anti-corruption App

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