1. Smart Rail Router

    Submitted by The Unknowns

    Smart Rail Router hack uses the graph of rail routes to determine the possible commute path for a given source and destination locations. The train stations and rail routes are represented as nodes and links of the graph respectively. For a given query with a source and destination locations, the entire graph is parsed to determine the trains moving between these two stations. As a next step, the availability of seats/berths in these trains is queried online and displayed. The functionality that makes this "hack" stand-out-from conventional routers is that, when there is no availability of seats/berths in the above list of direct trains, the Smart Rail Router suggests additional alternative possible rail routes that can be used to commute between source and destination stations.

    • The Unknowns Members
    • Raghav Chandra
    • Mayur Kamat
    • Preetam Purbia
    • Status
    • Finished