1. EXIFind

    Submitted by Tagpipers

    Photography is rapidly becoming an increasingly popular hobby. With more and more people going for higher end cameras like DSLRs and even various Digital Cameras, cameras are coming with numerous settings - and with exact settings, great shots can be achieved. Photo formats also have adapted to store such details, including details such as ISO levels, aperture, exposure etc in the EXIF format. Our hack is a simple search engine that searches for various photos based in information provided in this EXIF data, and show photos along with the EXIF data. This will be of great use to amateur photographers who can study the shots along with the settings that were needed to achieve this, and also to various professional photographers.

    This is a simple search for images by EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) . Currently we are supporting only ISO, APERTURE and EXPOSURE for an image.

    The application is a done LAMP. P= PHP

    Yahoo APIs used: Flickr, YQL, PIPES.

    This can be extended to other uses. Say, training, to better equip ourself before we start for a destination.

    Sorry but we are not hosting it for the demo and would show it from our comp. But indeed we are going to take it forward.

    Would like to hear from you on suggestions.

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    • Amod Kumar Pandey
    • Nikhil Baliga
    • Srikanth Seshadri
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