1. SpotLight - Illuminate your corner of the world!!!

    Submitted by Blue Ribbon

    SpotLight brings focus to "content on the streets"(the long tail of content), something that exists but is often difficult to find through browser based search. Besides leveraging content that exists, it also enables the community to generate and share localized content.

    SpotLight delivers a unique and compelling user experience by blending together fun and utility value. The fun element is introduced through the concept of "Top 3" ranks for items in any category at a given location. Users are welcome to apply their creativity and imagination in creating new categories for their locality. Some examples of categories could be "Civic Concerns in Malleswaram", "Boring professors at IIM Bangalore", etc. Each item that is added to a category has a page where users can upload photographs, share opinions and SpotLight the item. SpotLights of all users are aggregated to determine the "Top 3" in each category at each location. Users are also invited to promote their SpotLight’d item amongst their social network to enhance its ranking in the category. The fun element of SpotLight is enhanced by giving users an opportunity to get listed on "Leader Boards" based on their activities such as creating new categories, SpotLight'ing items, etc. For example, when a user’s SpotLight'd item trends downwards in the ranking, the user will be prompted to promote the item amongst his friends to reverse the trend and gain points that could earn him a place on the Leader Board.

    SpotLight delivers utility value to users who are looking for specific local information. For example, a user who is new to a locality can use SpotLights to find the Top Doctor’s Clinics in that area.

    SpotLight brings out deep insights into user interests and surfaces popular content by locality thus enabling robust monetization opportunities.

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    • Sridhar Bommaiah
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    • Finished