1. Clues&Cues

    Submitted by Team_Mobilize

    GameCenter a.k.a Clues and Cues is a social gaming app that engages users to play a treasure hunt game on their mobile. The treasure clues are spread over a region, and the user is presented with various riddles to reach the final treasure. Each clue leads to a location, which the user has to reach. On reaching the location, the application running on User's mobile sends back Location data to the GameCenter running on Cloud. The GameCenter decides on the next clue to be sent back to the user's device. The participant who is able to reach the final treasure in the minimum time is the winner.

    • Team_Mobilize Members
    • Vivek Juneja
    • Abhishek Sahay
    • Vinod Ramamoorthy P
    • Status
    • In progress