1. D.A.M.N - Single Serving Friend

    Submitted by Wolfpack

    Connecting people on demand to enable them to share meter fare in Cabs/auto-rickshaws.
    This is done by finding out common routes that different people want to take at a given time.

    The motivation behind this solution is that public transport is cumbersome, and inconvenient.
    Auto rickshaws, and Cabs are convenient, but pricey. What if you could find someone nearby to share the fare with, anytime you decide to go out?

    This also reduces carbon footprint while saving you money.

    Technologies we used are
    Twitter API
    Google Maps API
    Haversine formula

    • Wolfpack Members
    • Niranjan B Prithviraj
    • Rengarajan Venkatachari
    • Status
    • In progress