1. Learn GRE Vocab

    Submitted by Pheonix

    Targeted Problem : Students preparing for GRE/GMAT/CAT/GATE are required to learn real big lists of words and their meanings which we are supposed to use in the Exams. This is quiet daunting, as we dont know HOW ?

    Attempted Solution : The "Improve Your memory" Books say 'Connect Words, Use them, and it will be earier'.... But lets face it, we are stilll clue less, How can i use it between friends, i just cant remember it :-(

    So this Hack aims to make an IMAGE on your mind,
    By showing related Images,
    various Usages from real news, so you learn GK Side by Side.
    Words Origin (why is it supposed to mean what it means), and
    a Quick link to print the word so you can carry it around with you.
    So effectively its more entertaining.

    and there is Small Quiz Part, and a Print option to print a Flash card of 30 words with their meanings.

    Backend in PHP,/Mysql/YQL/Bing API
    Front End Uses Jquery/Ajax/HTML/YUI/Google Fonts

    The Future of this project ?
    Right now there is only a GRE Vocab, This can be extended for Various exams (GMAT/CAT/GATE), and a bit of improvement if the Image selection algorithm can insanely improve the quality.

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