1. Call Adivser

    Submitted by Confused Coders

    This is a mobile hack for android platforms. Sometimes in the thick of things of life we tend to miss keeping in touch with people we care about. While Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are fine, nothing quite replaces the phone call. This app tries to bridge this gap by giving us the list of people whom we have not called in a while. It draws a sorted suggestion showing since when we are not in touch with a person who is in our mobile contacts. Calls can be made to a person through the app. Also this app does recognize that there are some people with whom we are constantly in touch with and thus also shows a list of people with whom we are in touch and will remain to do so in future.

    • Confused Coders Members
    • Abhishek Sinha
    • Jai Ranjan Kumar
    • Ravi Babu
    • Status
    • Finished