1. Disturb me NOT

    Submitted by Fire Exit Hackers

    Ever been irritated my naggy girlfriends sending too many texts or your manager constantly texting you about your whereabouts?
    Wish you had an app that automatically replied to boring texts like "where are you" or "what are you doing"?
    Disturb me not is your answer! The automated text messenger!
    Feature List :
    1)Parses incoming message from selected people and replies automatically in accordance with the current open application.
    2)Integratable with Google + Circles when API is released.
    3)Uses GPS of the Android to automatically send your location to reply to "Where are you".
    For example when someone texts you saying "What you doing" while you reading on your Kindle app, It replies automatically by saying "I am reading $Book_name"
    Future scope includes combination of a Natural Language Parser and Soundex algorithm to parse messages.
    Be alone and connected like never before!

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    • Karthik Hebbar C
    • Arjun Rao
    • Pallavi Maiya
    • Status
    • In progress