1. Make A Wish

    Submitted by Beanbag Hackers

    Make a Wish (read:wishlist) from you mobile by scanning the product you want or by taking a picture or by adding it through the web.
    Let your friends choose the product from your wishlist and get ready to be gifted! :-)

    -Centralized Wishlist
    -Location aware Wish-list Items
    -Friends can collaborate, to avoid duplicate gifts.
    -Location based, and product based wish discovery.
    Make-A-Wish is a social, mobile & location based solution where you can go and create your wish list and your friends can go and see what you want. Not only that, they can directly go and buy for you, right from their mobiles!

    Details are available at: http://theanurag.com/makeAwish/

    • Beanbag Hackers Members
    • Nidhi Chaudhary
    • Anurag Jain
    • Status
    • In progress