1. Anime Alert

    Submitted by LiNQ

    An innovative, expandable and flexible application available for Android powered phones. The app uses the immense processing power provided by the YQL to offer up to date information to the user. This amazing app was built under the motto of simplicity and is shown by minimalistic style of design. In this beta version of the app, it provides information queried using YQL to provide the user near instant updates on the latest episodes of Anime (a form of Japanese animation poplar among many youths). The ultimate power of the project is the overall expandability of the code and the simplicity for the user. This project can be easily expanded to an array of different media and even daily events (eg. tv shows or photo albums, or music).

    • LiNQ Members
    • Lance Castillo
    • Norm Huang
    • Qays Poonawala
    • Status
    • In progress