1. moodeo

    Submitted by CodeWarriors

    a webservice to fetch vidoes based on a user's mood

    1) user selects the type of mood to be in
    2) a sophisticated algorithm fetches videos from many differnet sites and displays one that might make the user experience that mood with a high probability.
    3) user provides relevance feedback of how effective the video was
    4) algorithms learns and improves itself based on user feedback
    5) back to step 1

    some features:
    1) the background changes with the user's mood
    2) satisfied users share their emotions on social networks
    3) interface to be minimal and simplistic

    • CodeWarriors Members
    • Korlam Gautam
    • Gaurab Basu
    • Sudeep SIngh Walia
    • Status
    • In progress