1. Yahoo! Recommends

    Submitted by iYahoo!

    Why?: Web has always been a place for limitless information and with the advent of powerful social media platform sharing information has become seamless.
    Everyday we come across websites/webpages that are of our interest and to share it we copy the link and post it to the Yahoo! Updates. But to do this one has to
    switch to the Yahoo! Updates webpage and then post it.

    What we Propose: We plan to build a firefox add-on which is just a button. While installing the add-on, it asks the user to mention his/her interests in the form
    of tags and the add-on keeps on learning the user's interest. Whenever a user visits a webpage and if it is of his interest, the add-on button blinks which is a recommendation
    to the user. Clicking the button will post the webpage url on the user's Yahoo! update.

    How?: When a particular webpage is opened, the add-on retrieves the tags corresponding to the url from the Yahoo! delicious site. If any of these tags are of user's interest (which
    he/she added while installing the add-on), the add-on button starts blinking (or gets highlighted to get the user's attention). If nothing is found from the delicious, still the user
    will be able to post it by clicking the add-on button. But in this case the add-on will ask the user to add a tag for the url and it (url, tags) will be posted into the delicious site.

    What we achieve?: Using the information available over Web (delicious.com), we encourage users to share information (over Yahoo! Updates) and organize it by assigning
    user-defined tags seamlessly.

    • iYahoo! Members
    • Animesh Srivastava
    • Pramit Roy
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    • Finished