1. RounDonor

    Submitted by gt_hax0r

    Online shopping is the most popular means of purchasing items today. In real shops, one tips or donates the change amount to the store or a campaign it supports. Why not use the same concept for online shopping?

    RounDonor provides a means for online businesses to support online campaigns by providing a choice for their customers to donate the change (from the rounded value). RounDonor integrate a payment processing service (currently PayPal) to split the money between the business and the campaign. In particular, the workflow is as follows: (1) The business creates a "Buy Now" button on the RounDonor website and places it next to the item to be purchased. (2) The user buys the item and is sent to the RounDonor website where he can choose to "Round & Donate" or just pay the invoice amount. (3) The RounDonor service send the user to the payment gateway to process the payment from where he is sent to the success page on completion of the payment.

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