1. Lost in Translation

    Submitted by Team Awesome

    Translation by Voice:
    An innovative approach to translation by voice. Typically translation by voice is done by having human translators. This is a fully automated approach.

    - Dial (916) 790-2202
    - Follow the instructions
    - Press # after you finish speaking your message

    Translation by SMS:
    Accessible translation for people without smartphones. It works on any phone with SMS capabilities.

    - Send your sms to (646) 257-3549 in the following format
    target language; text to be translated
    Ex: German; Hello. My name is John

    - Choose from languages English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish

    Be sure to tweet how much you like our hack - #hacku

    • Team Awesome Members
    • Boris de Souza
    • Dilip Patharachalam
    • Shiva KM
    • Aravind Ramanathan
    • Status
    • Finished