1. RealChess - Learn while you play

    Submitted by ram-bharose

    The hack RealChess promises to be the most useful app in the world of chess. Its a multiplayer platform where players from different regions can play online with each other.

    The hack is amazing for its unique provision of analyzing game quantitatively and that too real time. i.e a player can quantitatively found out how better his position is than the opponent while the game is in progress. He can then accordingly improve his situation, learn the best moves etc thereby increasing his chess acumen.

    The application uses YAP technology for hosting and publicity. Other technologies sed being YUI, jquery and AJAX platform for supporting the javascript code.

    • ram-bharose Members
    • Sachin A S
    • Praveen Dhanala
    • Akhilesh Kashyap
    • Status
    • In progress