1. SeeMyTerm

    Submitted by Crazy Bees

    SeeMyTerm is a an AJAX based client which is aimed at remote controlling a machine and also teach others. One can not only log onto one's own system, but can also invite other people to look over his session. At the same time, the observers can interact with the main person who is controlling using an integrated chat widget.

    AjaxTerm is modded heavily to make this hack. The system uses extremely low bandwidth as it doesn't send the whole terminal data, but rather uses an intelligent pattern inspired from MPEG to send diffs and patches of frames alongwith complete frames for correction in between. This has been found to heavily reduce the amount of bandwidth that goes through, due to only the differences being transported. The system uses a very flexible and robust system to ensure that despite network lags and connection errors, the client can easily recover back and chug along, and same goes for the observer.

    • Crazy Bees Members
    • Rohan Prabhu
    • Abhishek Mishra
    • Suryajith Chillara
    • Status
    • In progress