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    The Hack uses advanced psychological concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming to analyze the structure of any communication irrespective of the content.

    Typical Use Case:
    Feed in a long speech of a few hours, and the app will show you the 5 minutes you need to pay attention to. It provides specific analysis to various factors that affect the effectivness of the speech.

    The key feature is a structural search over any speech that highlights areas that both require improvement and are excellent.

    Besides narrowing on focus timeline of the speech, the framework also describes what specifically is good or bad about the portion.

    This can be used as an aid for communicators from teachers, trainers, sales professionals, keynote speakers and generally any communication.

    It trains you to consciously start using patterns that you may already be using unconsciously and also start with new patterns of communication.

    This can also be used in a group like university or colleges to track the general communication effectiveness and measure growth

    Some of the computer technologies used involve
    YQL, Lingua, Wordnet

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