1. On Demand GIT server using OpenSocial Gadget

    Submitted by Geexhq

    The point of the gadget is to make it easy for lay users to enjoy the benefits On-Demand computing. The widget is a simple On-Off switch for a cloud-instance( AWS Ec2 Based) that hosts a Git version control server. Lay users wanting to do a routine periodic backup of their digital-artifacts can use the OpenSocial widget to activate the Git server, do their Git activities, and de-activate the Git server using the 1-Click interface. The gadget features a 'Play-Pause-Play' music player metaphor to make it intuitive for the lay users.

    By using the server only when they need it, they are saving money for themselves, and being friendly towards the environment as well.

    This concept could be extended to tame/package software/data for consumers and businesses alike. In other words, cloud-instance-OpenSocial gadget pair could be a new-age medium of (live)software/content/data distribution!

    Google Wave OpenSocial Gadget is functional.
    Gadget URL: http://wave-gadget.s3.amazonaws.com/ec2git/ec2gitui.xml

    The YAP Gadget needs some more recoding( eliminate jQuery/jQueryUI and use Yaml, YUI.- did not know it is compulsory to use them!

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