1. Unlock Your Code

    Submitted by Simpletons

    You code, I code, we all just code, but have you realized that how hard it gets to read someones else written code. How uneasy it becomes for us developers, designers, for our colleagues, for our managers to analyze the code we write. While we simpletons were hacking out in the night, we found a cool way to solve this problem, we created this hack with one single view point "make the code understandable" irrespective of who writes it.
    This is a desktop application that allows you to mark your code visually than write tons of metadata(comments) around it, with a simple highlighting over the code and the text comments, you unlock your code, you unlock the algorithms, patterns hidden behind the code. The results are captured in a form of images which can then live along with your documents and you can refer these images (or pdf files) like any other official document.

    • Simpletons Members
    • Saurabh Narula
    • Akash Mohapatra
    • Abhinav Mehta
    • Status
    • Finished