1. Speak Globally

    Submitted by Pulsators

    Simple hack for iphone / ipad which translates and speaks in multiple languages.

    Many times we would have faced a situation where we are in a foreign land and do not know the native language. Great, we can get the translate text but we still pronouncing the text can be a challenge in itself. Here comes our hack, "Speak Globally" to the rescue. How easy can it get to be able to speak in a native language just by telling us which language you need to speak in, letting us know what you need to speak in a language you know :-) Sounds just about great!!! This is exactly what our hack does and a bit more :-)
    What if we make a mistake while typing in? Not a problem!!! Our simple hack has the built in intelligence of correcting the text and giving you the right translation and tells you how to pronounce the same. To top it all, it runs on your iphone / ipad / android phone using html5.

    To test without the iphone, use safari with itunes.

    Technologies Used:
    Yahoo Pipes
    Yahoo spellings
    Mobile Framework - sencha
    Text to speech - acapella service for text to speech
    Google maps

    Get the location of the user without asking the user, getting to know the user location and suggest places of interest to the user based on his preference using yahoo local search.
    Integrate with yahoo maps to direct the user to the places of his interest.

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    • Balaji J
    • Siva Prasanna
    • Supreeth Gururaj
    • Vijay Bhaskar Reddy
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    • In progress