1. prettylicious

    Submitted by Team MBR

    Huge fans and daily users of delicious, we know what we regular users missed on search.

    A preview/thumbnail of the page.
    Snippet from the web page similar to one provided by search engines.
    Export the page to a pdf for offline reading/ archiving.

    This is exactly what "pretylicious" is all about. Added bonus, the pdf maintains links, has a TOC,bookmarks etc.

    The app is written in client side technologies(HTML/CSS/JS) and makes use of the following

    YQL( Data manipulation)
    Delicious, Google (Data source)
    ShrinkTheWeb.com (Thumbnail API)
    PDFMyUrl (PDF Generation API)
    jQuery (Ajax, plumbing)

    • Team MBR Members
    • Manish Agravat
    • Baljeetsingh Sucharia
    • Ramjee Ganti
    • Status
    • Finished