1. Shop-Green

    Submitted by Beanbag Hackers

    Shop green is an environmental initiative, where the idea is to discourage the misuse of paper. Every time we shop, we get paper bills – which most of the times is thrown as a waste, leading to a lot of wastage of paper and hence, environmental degradation.
    Monetization Opportunities:
    1. Merchants will be okay to pay a small percentage, as this helps them to save on the billing counter expenses.
    2. Users can be charged a small convenience fee, as they don’t need to stand in the long queues any more. On top of that, they are getting all the bills on emails.
    3. Normal and Cross-selling Advertisements can be on the payment page. E.g. If someone has bought a music system, can be given advertisements for music cds/dvds.
    Expansion Plans:
    1. Support for “Add to Cart” facility, so that the same can be used to purchase multiple products per bill.
    2. Adding the SOCIAL touch! If a user has bought something, he should be able to publish it on orkut/facebook/twitter etc.. with just one click.
    3. Merchant rating system, based on the products/prices provided by him, as compared to others.
    4. Portal for Merchants to be able to upload their products and generate a QR Code for each one of them.

    • Beanbag Hackers Members
    • Nidhi Chaudhary
    • Anurag Jain
    • Status
    • In progress