1. Fantastic Maps

    Submitted by aagantu

    This App is for business owners.
    It allows them to fill relevant business data for a location such as sales figure, profits etc. with the help of a yahoo map.
    For e.g. User can click on koramangala and add the business details pertaining to koramangala on the pop up that appears.

    More importantly, the app allows the user to analyze the fed data visually and also allows them to make location based query visually.
    So for e.g. the user can draw a boundary on the map and then expect a YUI chart giving out, lets say, the sales of the outlet in that location.

    A very good use case is analyzing the effect of billboard advertising in an area. After the business house puts up a billboard, they can come and select the area around the billboard and analyze the impact of advertising visually.

    APIs Used
    Yahoo Maps
    YUI Charts


    Ruby ---- Language
    Sinatra ---- Framework
    Mongodb ---- Database
    Haml ---- Html Goodness
    Heroku ---- Hosting
    Code ---- git://github.com/kgthegreat/fantastic-maps.git
    URL ---- http://fantasticmaps.heroku.com/

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    • Sumit Jain
    • Kumar Gaurav
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