Yahoo! Open Hack 2008

Thanks to all who contributed to the success of Open Hack 2008. More than 300 hundred developers participated in workshops and sessions at our Sunnyvale headquarters. We previewed the new Yahoo! application platform and social APIs. Many stayed for the party and concert, wrote code through the night, and showed their newly built apps and mashups the next day to a panel of judges. Here's a complete list of the Open Hack winners and a selection of presentations and videos. Stay tuned for Open Hack 2009!

Presentations and Sessions


  • University Hack Award: DialPrice

    Team 3: Georgia Tech

    People: Roger Pincombe

  • Best Overall: Xoopit for Yahoo! Mail

    Second Prize, Y! Mail category

    Third Prize, Flickr category

    Team 18: Xoopit

    People: Jerry Su, Amy Lee, Bijan Marashi

  • Most Prolific: Circuit Hero, 13, 43, and that Guitar Thing

    Team: The Seg Faults (UC Berkeley)

    People: Stewart He, Ryan Luecke, Gabor Angeli

  • Filo's Technical Merit award: Cell Phone Signal Tracker

    Team 32: Chunky Goo

    People: Jesse Baird

  • Best User Experience: TripIt Openmail Integration

    Team 33: TripIteers

    People: andy & Jacques

  • Most Entertaining: MoshPit

    Second Prize, Flash Platform award

    Team 30: Mossssshhhhhh

    People: Mo Kakwan

  • Most Unexpected: iHeater

    Team 39: game changers

    People: Mark Rosetta

  • Most Impromptu: Search Monkey Speed Hack

    Team 47: UIUC/Berkeley

    People: Greg Schechter and Niels Joubert

  • Yahoo! Open Strategy award:

    Team 17: Cafe

    People: Roman Nouzareth, Laurent Letourmy, Guillaume Fontana

  • Best Mail App: Where Are My Drivers?

    Second prize, FireEagle

  • Giga Om Prize

    Team 34: Two Guys from Macquarium

    People: Wilson Sheldon, Kelvin Ling

  • BOSS: OpenDNS Guide

    Bleeding Purple award

    YUI category, 3rd prize

    Team 22: OpenDNS

    People: miked, rcrowley

  • Flickr category: Find And Seek

    Team 23: Alpha Team Hacker 5

    People: Joshua DeWald, Taylor Dondich, Nolan Ehrstrom

  • Flickr category, 2nd prize: Meebo FlickrIM

    Team 27: Meebo

    People: Martin Hunt

  • Fire Eagle category: Weather Sets

    Team 21: Something Tasty

    People: Leah Culver, Ariel Waldman

  • Fire Eagle category, 3rd prize: Dipstars of a Feather

    Team 11: Dipity

    People: Ryan Romanchuk, BK Gupta, Derek Dukes

  • Geo category: Map Data Visualization

    Flash Platform award

    Team 42: From Circumstances

    People: Erik Swedberg, Jesse Zbikowski, Rod Graves, Jasmeet Bagga

  • YUI category: Flickr Transport

    Team 35: PixelTap

    People: Majed Itani, Nate D'Amico

  • YUI category, 2nd prize:

    Team 28: Team

    People: Gaurav Sarode, Sijith Salim