Release Notes

Release 1.2 (November 2010)

New Features:

  • Add local/geo scope.
  • Improve location weighting algorithm.

Release 1.1 (November 2010)

New Features:

  • Accept and process ISO 8859-1 documents.
  • Support cross-site scripting.
  • Support HTTP redirects when fetching input documents.
  • Support JSON and JSONP output.
  • Support a confidence threshold parameter.
  • Support a maximum length parameter.
  • Infer the document type from the document signature.
  • Improve recognition of lists of place names.
  • Recognize Olson Timezone codes.
  • Support XML document language tags.

Release 1.0 (May 2009)

Candidate Release

Known Issues:

  • Location redirects are not supported; when using the documentURL parameter be sure that the specified URL links to the actual document.
  • Documents containing many hyperlinks to place names may produce misleading results.
  • Isolated state abbreviations/codes (such as CA), airport codes (such as LAX), and digit-only postal codes (such as 20001) are not recognized as places; they will be recognized when adjacent to other place names.
  • Documents that do not match the user-specified document type may produce misleading results; be sure to specify the correct document type for the provided document.

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