Yahoo! Placemaker Guide

<bold>As announced in our Blog post, the Placefinder and Placemaker services are planned to be replaced on November 17th 2012 by the new BOSS Geo service. Please use our simple step by step tutorial to learn to migrate (</bold>


The Yahoo! Placemaker Guide provides information to developers on how to use Yahoo! Placemaker to geo-enrich their applications.


Yahoo! Placemaker is a geoparsing web service that provides third-party developers the means to geo-enrich content at scale. The service identifies, disambiguates, and "extracts" places from unstructured and structured textual content: web pages, RSS (and Atom) feeds, news articles, blog posts, ad tiles and creatives, status updates, and similar. It is an open API that assists developers in creating local- and location-aware applications and datasets. Placemaker is not a geocoder, but rather a geo-enrichment service that assists developers in determining the 'whereness' of unstructured and atomic content, making the Internet more location-aware.

Placemaker recognizes place names in plaintext documents and text elements within HTML and XML documents. It also understands geography-rich tags, such as the W3C Basic Geo Vocabulary, and HTML microformats, such as geo and adr (see and for more information about these microformats).

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