Release Notes

The following information is provided to developers wishing to know when specific bugs were fixed in GeoPlanet. Thanks to everyone who reported issues.

Bugs can be submitted to the GeoPlanet Forum

Release 1.5 (31 May 2012)

New Features:

  • Additional language support: vi-VN (VN Vietnamese), el-GR (GR Greek) and ru-RU (RU Russian)

Release 1.4 (28 May 2010)

New Features:

  • Additional concordance namespaces: osm (OpenStreetMap place codes), wiki (Wikipedia place article ids), locode (UN/Locode place codes), cctld (Country Code Top Level Domain codes), faa (FAA airport codes), usps (US Zip codes), capost (CA postal codes)
  • Country-specific placetypes resource
  • Country-specific placetype resource

Release 1.3 (30 Mar 2010)

New Features:

  • Find common ancestor
  • Add support for view query parameter
  • Allow any WOEID as Focus
  • Add metrics for population and area to response
  • Add metrics for population and area to response
  • Add "startswith" or wildcard functionality
  • Add get descendants functionality
  • Return common lists of named places
  • Allow more than one woeid to be passed to the web service
  • Add collection for Relatives relationship
  • Add concordance resource for mapping WOEIDs to IDs from other providers
  • Add .degree filter to allow neighbors of neighbors and children of children to be returned

Release 1.1.1 (4 Sep 2008)

New Features:

  • Callback query parameter for JSON requests
  • GeoJSON format
  • Long representation of placeType resource
  • Placetype filter for places collection

Bugs Fixed:

  • Duplicate Greenland entries are being returned as children of the World place (woeid 1)
  • Wrong namespace for error response
  • Not able to use schema to validate responses
  • Wrong place name is returned in locality1 element for some places
  • Empty locality1 element returned for some places
  • Centroid is not returned for suburb places

Release 1.0.5 (2 Jul 2008)

Bugs Fixed:

  • JSON response is missing place element
  • Incorrect place type names returned for dependencies

Release 1.0.4 (25 Jun 2008)

Bugs Fixed:

  • XML error response is returned when JSON format is requested

Release 1.0.3

Bugs Fixed:

  • Missing place type attribute
  • Duplicated place name in locality1 element for some places
  • Estate places treated like towns
  • Unwanted namespaces in JSON response

Release 1.0.2 (5 Jun 2008)

First public release

Bugs Fixed:

  • Duplicate North America entries are being returned as children of the World place (woeid 1)

Release 1.0.0 (May 2008)

Candidate release

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