Yahoo! GeoPlanet™ Data

Yahoo! GeoPlanet helps bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds by providing an open, permanent, and intelligent infrastructure for geo-referencing data on the Internet. The Geoplanet API provides a powerful tool to access WOEID's and use them in your application. We are currently making the data non-downloadable while we determine a better way to surface the data as a part of the service. If you have a strong need for the data, please reach out to Yahoo! Geo Team . Make sure to pick Geoplanet as your area of interest.

Thank you for your usage of this data and we look forward to your continued support.


Yahoo! Geo Team

GeoPlanet Data (128 MB, Zip format).

Release history:

  •, released 2012-06-01, latest
  •, released 2012-02-28
  •, released 2012-02-02
  •, released 2010-10-18
  •, released 2010-06-30
  •, released 2010-06-03
  •, released 2010-02-17
  •, released 2009-11-17
  •, released 2009-10-27
  •, released 2009-10-14


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