Set up a Payment Method

You can set up a payment method for your Yahoo Gemini Advertiser account after you have created your account and added campaigns to it.

If you’re a new Gemini customer or an existing Gemini customer, you can set up a payment method using the Payment details button on the Yahoo Gemini Advertiser page.

How It Works

To set up a payment method:

  1. Click Payment details on the Yahoo Gemini Advertiser page. The Set up payment method dialog appears

setup payment method
  1. Enter your card number, holder’s name and other required card information.
  2. If you have a promotional credit, enter that number and click Apply.
  3. Click Submit.

When you sign up for a Yahoo Gemini Advertiser account, the Post Pay method is chosen by default. Post Pay allows you to pay as you go.

If you’re an existing Gemini customer with prepaid payment, you can switch to Post Pay.


Any existing prepaid funds will automatically carry over to the Post Pay system as a credit and the credit amount will be used first for ad spend, before Post Pay charges are incurred.

For more information and details on Post Pay, refer to How We Bill You – Post Pay.

Countries Supported by Yahoo for Post Pay

  • AU Australia
  • AT Austria
  • BE Belgium
  • CA Canada
  • DK Denmark
  • FI Finland
  • FR France
  • DE Germany
  • HK Hong Kong
  • IE Ireland
  • IL Israel
  • IT Italy
  • LU Luxembourg
  • MY Malaysia
  • NL Netherlands
  • NZ New Zealand
  • NO Norway
  • PT Portugal
  • SG Singapore
  • ES Spain
  • SE Sweden
  • CH Switzerland
  • GB United Kingdom
  • US United States


If your billing policies require VAT information, you will be able to add this, as described in the next section. All new advertisers who sign up for Gemini will be automatically enrolled in the Post Pay payment plan. For other countries not listed, the original prepay payment plan is still to be used.

For VAT Customers

If your billing policies require VAT information and you want take advantage of the Post Pay option, you’ll see the following billing dialog:

vat pay go

Fill in the various details to complete the form.

For VAT customers who are using the Pre-Pay option, you’ll see a longer form to complete, as shown below.

vat pre pay

Fill in the various details to complete the form.


A checkbox is provided that you can select which will pre-populate your credit card address with your vat address that you’ve already filled in.

A Summary of your account is also provided, shown below:

vat pre pay summary