Get Started With Gemini

Where Your Ads Run

Your ads will run on all of Yahoo’s web properties as displayed on all devices, including desktop, tablets and smartphones.


Gemini is officially supported only by the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge browsers.

Review Process for Your Ad

We review ads as quickly and efficiently as possible in a way that’s designed to minimize wait times for advertisers. This means that sometimes ads appear briefly before being reviewed by our team. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you receive an email stating your ad is “non-compliant and will not appear on Yahoo,” it may mean that your ad is under review for a possible policy violation. Yahoo has policies and restrictions for ads that appear on our site. These policies aim to make users feel safe and comfortable on our sites. Think of these as our house rules.

How To Navigate Your Account

You can use the app features in the Gemini user interface to best navigate through your account.

  • Use the Campaigns and Reporting links to access parts of your account. The Campaigns and Reporting links are located at the top of your screen.
  • From the Campaigns screen select the campaign that you want. Selecting a campaign will take you to your campaigns details page. From there:
    • From the Ad Group screen select the ad group that you want. Selecting an ad group will give a list of all Ads.
    • From the Ads screen select the ad that you want. Selecting the ad will give a list of all keywords (applied to your ads that run in Mobile Search).
    • For Search, select the keyword that you want.
  • Edit information directly in the tab’s table.
  • You can delete items in bulk from the main table for paused campaigns, ad groups (Mobile Search), ads, and keywords (Mobile Search).
  • From the Reporting screen, you can access reports for your campaigns, ad groups (Mobile Search), ads, and keywords (Mobile Search).

Submit Feedback

To submit feedback, click Give Feedback, fill out the feedback form, and then click Submit.


Using the feedback form, you can

  • Request new feature enhancements
  • Report a bug
  • Report Fraudulent Activity

Learn More: Webinar Yahoo Gemini Account Basics

For a more detailed walk-through of an account, check out our Account Basics webinar.