Yahoo Gemini API

Yahoo Gemini is the unified marketplace bringing mobile search and native ads together. Gemini API allows advertisers to manage complex Gemini accounts and campaigns more efficiently.

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Programmatically manage your complex account campaigns, ads, bids and more.


Optimize your campaigns by targeting based on location, interests, gender, device and language.


Evaluate effectiveness of your campaign with reporting services.

Sample Gemini API Response

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Get Started

Apply for access

Start by applying for an API Key. We will review your application and provide you access to create an application which can access Gemini API. This will give you a Consumer Key and Secret which are needed for using Gemini API.

Copy Example Code

We have example code in PHP below to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Build and launch

Replace your consumer key and secret in the code you copied and run the example code. When your app is ready to use, tell other developers what you have built in our Forums.

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