Yahoo Mojito Books?

I 've been learning Javascript for the last couple of months and now I want to start getting into framewoks. There's a jungle of JS frameworks for everytning under the sun...Using the same code/framework in the server and client is what attracted me to mojito. But are there no Yahoo Mojito books?

I've checked out Amazon, O'reilly, Packtpub , but find nothing. Are there any in the works? Specially wit Yahoo behind this..there should be more learning material beside online documentation.

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  • Hello Giovanny, the truth is that mojito is very early in the game for a book, we haven't reached "stable" label, we are still in 0.5, and API is still changing, and will continue changing in 0.6.x. For example, it took some time to get the YUI Cookbook out there, and I figure the same will happen with mojito, we never know. In any case, we have a lot of documentation and examples as part of the actual online cookbook.

  • Thanks for the reply...Did not know it was that new. Been checking out the YDN...Very awesome tools. Gonna stick around

    Thanks again

  • thanks you all ??


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