YUI3 CSS files failing to load

I've got a mojito application that uses a YUI3 scrollview widget in a view. The javascript dependencies load correctly and the scrollview is shown on the screen. However the following CSS files fail to load with a 404 (not found) error.

http://localhost:9001/combo~/static/yui/widget-base/assets/skins/sam/widget-base.css http://localhost:9001/combo~/static/yui/scrollview-base/assets/skins/sam/scrollview-base.css

I had a look in the node_modules directory under mojito and found both CSS files. So the question is why does mojito serve the .js files correctly but fails to server the CSS?

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  • I just realised I forgot to give an example of a javascript file retrieved correctly, this is it:


    There are many others but basically all the .js files get downloaded correctly.

  • @Daniel, in 0.5.x there is a known issue with the CSS files when using YUI from the mojito server instead of using yui cdn. I wonder if that's the case here? Two questions:

    1. are you trying to insert those files manually? or YUI is trying to load them dynamically?

    2. are you using a custom yui section in your application.json? If yes, can you share it so we can try to replicate the issue.


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