What is right wat, to combine mojits?

I experiment a lot with mojits and i didn't find right way to combine them.
I know, they are independent parts of app, but sometimes I can't understand right way to do.

What I will write later - it seems like very simple questions, but I want to hear philosophy - how to do this RIGHT way (architecture question).

Example 1:
I want to edit some kind of entity (model).
Should I have for example 5 urls for editing (view list, view item, new item, edit item)
Should I handle this with single url and mojit parameters (refreshing view) (it seems like second, because there is no way to sync client and server side routing out of the box).
Should I create yui mvc app, load it via mojito, and edit model in it rendering views for mvc throught mojito? 

Example 2:
I want to create standard layouts for logged in users and public access that consists of some mojits.
Should I share layout using base for example? I have a problem, because when I trying to define children for base specs and for current specs, it don't work, because mojito overwrites children section.
Should I look into different configurations and define layouts there?
Should I create custom layout mojit, that will handle events, and then re-create/destroy child like in HTMLFrameMojit?
Should I create custom layout mojit, that will create constant parts in code, and then configure only child I want to display with config (like HTMLFrame)?
Should I create own versions of HTMLFrameMojit for every layout?

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