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Following the example code at "Genrating Urls" I tried my own example project combining that with the lesson "configuring routing". My routes put the parameters in the rrl path as follows.

/season - list all seasons available
/season/1981 - show details for the 1981 season

    "settings": [ "master" ],
    "season": {
"verbs": ["get"],
"path": "/season",
"call": "season.index"
    "seasonShow": {
"verbs": ["get"],
"path": "/season/:year",
"call": "season.show"
Therefore in the list action of the controller I would like to make the urls to the show action. I cannot see how to do this I am expecting to do something like :-
ac.url.make('season', 'show', '', 'get', {'year': '1981'});
Is there a way to do this and I just haven't understood the documentation? If so could some one point me in the right direction please. Otherwise I guess the right course of action is to fork the code on github add the functionality and make a pull request. Do I read this right?
Really excited about Mojito so any feedback would be really warmly recieved.

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