Should I Consider Using Mojito for a New App With the Approach of Modown?

I just watched Clarence Leung's talk on "YUI and the New Server-Side Front-End" as well as Eric Ferraiuolo's talk on "YUI and the Future". They both spoke highly of the the new Modown project for single-page applications and the on-going evolution of applications on the Web.

With this in mind, will the Mojito project fall by the wayside? Should I not consider using Mojito and wait for Modown? Or, will Mojito live long to fit a niche in the application-writing world?

I wouldn't normally ask this question on the forum; however, I can't find a product roadmap for Mojito and can't answer it myself.

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  • Hey Curtis, yes, we have a lack of info about this topic, but I will do my best to try to answer it. Also, once the video from my presentation gets released, you will see that I covered this in some degree.

    Within Yahoo! we have at least 3 competing frameworks to write isomorphic applications, mojito is one of them. We believe all these application frameworks can co-exist, specially because they target different use-cases. In the other hand, we (the YUI team) are focus more on infrastructure pieces, libraries that could help to develop isomorphic applications as well, since we believe that's going to be the future of web development, at least in the context of Yahoo!, and for that, we decided to start the modown project, as an umbrella of components and libraries.

    What does modown means for Mojito? it means mojito will change a little bit to use some of those modown components, it means that mojito, just like any other framework targeting isomorphic applications, could use express and modown components as the foundation to build on top of.

    If you look into the mojito repo, you will see a branch called mojito-next, and that branch is already bringing express as a first class citizen, and using few of the modown components already. That branch is set to be pre-released very soon.

    Is mojito going to fade out? not really, mojito is powering the new Y! Search, that along is enough to keep improving mojito. In fact most of the recent extensions of mojito are coming from Search team. (wait for Julien's presentation video from YUIConf for more details).

  • btw, for some reason the forum is marking my user as anonymous.


  • /caridy: thank you for your rather lucid and transparent response. I will take your advice and look in the "next" branch for the tighter integration with express and the use of modown components. I look forward to seeing your video.

  • Here's the long-awaited presentation regarding the Modown effort: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1ADXKyvHU0


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