Problems with the documentation - calling YQL from a Mojit

This url has many problems:http://developer.yahoo.com/cocktails/mojito/docs/code_exs/calling_yql.html

1) Step 9 completely leaves out the code listing that you are supposed to use - I had to resort to going to the sourcecode to try to find it.
2) Step 14 says to use "http://localhost:8666?q=mojito&size=50" but "size" is not the right parameter and is ignored, it should be "count"
3) Step 7 says "Modify the mojit model to call YQL to get Flickr photos by replacing the code inmodels/model.server.js with the following:" but there IS no model.server.js -- it should say "create a file called models/model.server.js" instead. This is confusing and again I had to go to the source repo to find the real code.

I notice that there's a big difference between the docs in the github repo and the ones mentioned here - even for similar examples. Which is the right one? How does someone give feedback on these docs to make them better?

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