Is there a concept of sessions in Mojito ?

Since Mojito is said to have based on Express I wonder if there is a concept of sessions.

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  • Well, mojito does a poor job exposing some of the underlaying APIs, and express is one of them, and we are working to fix that part. However, you do have access to the express obj in your server.js by doing something like this:

    var app = Mojito.createServer(); // app._app is an express server :)

    In case you want to hack around!

  • Seems like the server.js is not being used at all.. I tried adding a basic console.log messages, but those doesn't seem to work..

    I'm currently on Mojito v0.5.3-1, and starting the server as ~~~ mojito start ~~~

    Any suggestions here?

  • @Sai Prasad, if you use mojito start you're not using server.js, this is confusing, and we are working on splitting the cli out of mojito, so mojito start will become a sugar on top of server.js. To start with server.js just use node server.js.


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