Internationalization on client side

Hi, This is another problem I came across when trying to upgrade to mojito 0.7.1. ac.intl.lang & Y.Intl.get don't seem to work if the controller was run on client side. On the other hand, when controller was run on the server, they work just fine.

Did I miss something? Thanks in advance.


  • ft
  • Aug 9, 2013
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  • we can look at it. do you have an small repro case that we can use to dig in?

  • Hi Caridy, Here is (what I believe) a similar repro case: <https://github.com/ftliou/mojito-test>

    This consists of a Master mojit and Child(Test1) mojit, each has its own lang folder.

    On the url, if I switch between lang=en & zh, the output of child --> data --> some is always empty.

    However, if I change the application.json file and set defer=false (ie rendering child on server side), then child --> data --> some will display correctly.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks again!

  • Great, I was able to reproduce it, and I opened a new issue in github:


  • @ft, can you try this again with <mojito@0.7.5?> this should be fixed by now!


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