How to put a script tag with type="text/x-handlebars-template" in html?

I find that if I put it in one of the views, then mojito handlebars template engine is trying to process it, which I do not want. Other than storing the content in a string in javascript is there a better way to do?

What I am trying to do is to define a handlebar template which I don't want mojito handlebar engine to process.

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  • why not letting mojito engine to process it? the text/x-handlebars-template is only available for the client side, and if you add your own version of handlebars in the page, then you should use the global handlebars object rather than Y.Handlebars which is provisioned by mojito.

  • this also means you will ended up with two handlebars engines in the page, a full version of it as global to transpile text/x-handlebars-template, and a base wrapper to handle mojito templates under Y.Handlebars.*.


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