How to link to another Mojit action without loading the page?

Say that I have one mojit with two actions. action1, and action2

In my action1 template, I render a link to /action2, that maps to action2.

When I click on action2 link, it points my browser to http://localhost:8666/action2, which is a normal for a multi page application.

But this is mojito, so how do I render action2 without reloading the page?

Thanks. I have tried using MojitHTMLFrame with 'deploy' set to true. But that does not work.

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  • I am not sure if I understand your question. If you want to make an AJAX request and do client side rendering you can use the MojitProxy to refresh a single Mojit without reloading the full page:

    Look at the section "Refreshing Views".

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