Fourth archetype for applications?


Here: http://developer.yahoo.com/cocktails/mojito/docs/dashboard_tutorial/01_cli.html for applications four archetypes are mentioned while three are described, but I just found in directory:


there is

./yahoo subdir which implies that fourth (of that name?) exists at least in mojito-cli v0.1.2

Any word about it?

Regards Darek

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  • Hi Darek,

    The yahoo archetype was originally slated to be for creating hybrid applications that would use a JavaScript API to access the native APIs of Android and iOS devices, but this archetype is being deprecated. I'm updating the documentation now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  • Hi Darek,

    Apologies, please dismiss that last explanation. I did some more research and have been told that the yahoo archetype was to be used internally so that the dimensions.json and thus, the contexts, are more in line with the Yahoo! Configuration Bundles (YCB) (https://github.com/yahoo/ycb). You can see the pull request for more information as well: https://github.com/yahoo/mojito/pull/694

    The yahoo archetype is supposed to be deprecated in any case. I'm still working on updating the docs. Again, sorry for the confusion.


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