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I was wondering if anyone had any luck debugging server-side using node-inspector or something similar?

I'm trying to connect using

node --debug ./node_modules/mojito/lib/mojito start

but when I try to view the debugger at


I get an ECONNREFUSED error

Is node running with --debug port 5858

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  • Hi,

    I was able to debug server side with node-inspector.

    Try running your mojito app like this instead:

    node --debug server.js
  • Perfect, just the job :)

    Many thanks Dodo.

  • @Joe, can you add this info to the doc?

  • I may have spoke too soon, or, more likely, am just misunderstanding something fundamental.

    Running the app as Dodo suggested lets me see my server side scripts, set breakpoints etc but how do I then run the client side of my app. If I try viewing it I just get the response CANNOT GET /

  • Can you view the client side of your app when your are not debugging ? Did you define your routes (correctly, http://developer.yahoo.com/cocktails/mojito/docs/code_exs/route_config.html ) ?

  • @Caridy Sure, will add an FAQ and a note in command-line reference.


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